Do you know what the sanitation inspection requirements are?

Frequent sanitation rounds play an integral role in facility management. They ensure the safety of patrons and that cleanliness standards are maintained. The suggested inspection requirements are to ensure

  • Signage is in good condition, is visible and securely affixed on the door/wall
  • Mirrors are in good condition and are safely secured
  • Walls, floors and ceilings are in good condition
  • There are no leaks, slipping or tripping hazards on the floor
  • Lighting is adequate
  • Locks and hinges on washroom stalls are in good condition and function properly
  • Sinks are in good condition, they are not clogged and there are not any leaks
  • Sink faucets have good water pressure and good water temperature
  • Soap dispensers are in good working condition and have soap in them
  • Toilets are flushable and are in good working condition
  • There are receptacles present and they do not need to be emptied (empty if required)
  • There are feminine hygiene receptacles in each of the washroom stalls
  • Paper towel dispensers are in good working condition and are stocked
  • Hand sanitizer stations do not require a refill
  • Door handles, elevator buttons, escalator railings and other frequently touched surfaces are wiped down with disinfectant 
  • General housekeeping of the area – the area is clean, tidy and free of hazards

Staying on top of sanitation inspections is a vital component of facility management, one that’s important for tenant experience and satisfaction, as well as brand reputation - it can be challenging, especially in larger buildings with high-traffic areas. 

Improving sanitation inspections and documentation processes through digitization 

Digital inspection tools assist in ensuring that all of your washrooms are thoroughly examined and cleaned. They provide an overview of inspection statuses so you always know what's going on with your facility's inspections, including those that are close to being due, due, late, or have problems. Cleaning personnel are also provided a detailed overview of their remaining locations, ensuring that none are overlooked. Cleaning personnel can receive on-the-spot information to ensure that they are attending to all the necessary items, decreasing the risk of something being missed or forgotten. Cleaning personnel can also include notes and pictures,  and if any issues are found, the right people are automatically looped in, enabling speedy remediation.  
As employees slowly return to the office, it’s critical that sanitation checks are recorded and they are well-organized and are easily accessible in order to demonstrate due diligence, in case any tenants ask about the facility’s sanitation practices or wants to see the history of checks.

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