What Do You Get Out Of Inspections?

Sometimes it’s difficult getting buy-in to complete inspections. They are time consuming and one could argue that the majority of the time, nothing bad happens. But there’s actually a lot in it for you and your organization in terms of inspections. Inspections provide a lot of benefits including:
  • Documented due diligence
  • Compliance to legislation, codes, by-laws etc.
  • Avoidance of fines
  • Defense against liability in the event an incident/accident occurs
  • Management of reputational risk and avoidance of negative media coverage
  • A safer workplace – less injuries and fatalities
  • Less accidents = better insurance premiums
  • Reduced loss time or work delays due to injury
  • Reduced costs associated with loss time or work delays due to equipment malfunction/breakdown
  • Asset protection
  • Proactive fixes before they become a huge problem – and a burden on the pocket book
  • Improved equipment reliability and optimization
  • Increased equipment and system efficiency
  • Peace of mind that everything is functioning correctly
  • Improved employee morale because issues are being identified and addressed

The type of inspection method used also provides a unique set of benefits. For example, newer solutions that leverage technology provide additional benefits such as:
  • Accurate and organized inspection records – satisfying record retention policies
  • Property dashboards and overviews
  • Automatic workflow and notification of deficiencies
  • Environmentally friendly solutions – less paper consumption (bonus: also saves money and storage space)
  • On the spot guidance for inspectors through customized check lists
  • Analytics
  • Ability to see trends
  • Staffing, budget and schedule forecasting capabilities 

So get out your trusty pro and con list. What makes more sense – doing inspections or not doing inspections? I think we can all agree that doing inspections has a lot more pros than cons!