A Spotlight on Tap Report Use in Commercial Real Estate Property Management

What's your name and position? 
Nigel D'Cruz, Technical Services Manager, GWL 

What do you use Tap Report for? 
We use Tap Report for daily sanitation inspections and monthly fire extinguisher inspections. 

How has Tap Report helped you manage your inspections? 
Tap Report helps us to confirm that inspections are completed on schedule and it provides the management team with a clear line of sight into the status of each report, as well as the overall status of the property including deficiencies and action that needs to be taken.

Do you review inspection results with staff? If so, how regularly? Have these insights improved inspection results? 
Our first phase of Tap Report was to get the tool up and running with staff, have them trained on the digital solution and become accustomed to this new process. Reviewing inspection results with staff regularly will be our next phase - we'll be able to discuss who is doing well, who needs more training, identify frequently missed inspections and so forth. These insights will improve our processes even more. 

What do you like most about Tap Report? 
I like that the digital tool is easy to use and is easily accessible. I also like the accountability it puts on staff and the fact that the reports are paperless, yet can be retrieved easily when needed.