A Spotlight on Tap Report Use in Commercial Real Estate Property Management

“What seemed to be a complicated inspection mess before, is now an organized workflow with Tap Report” — Olivia Padilla, Assistant Property Manager, Dream Property Management.

What do you use Tap Report for? 
We use Tap Report for a variety of inspections including: 
  • Maintenance and Security checks of Mechanical and Fire/Safety equipment
  • Meter readings such as tenant water & gas consumption
  • Sanitation and washroom inspections
  • Property Inspections such as guard patrols

How has Tap Report helped you manage your inspections? 
It organized what is being checked, where, how often, what is missed and what needs attention. We can add descriptions, notes & photos for each of the inspections and it creates a history of completed work. Data is at our fingertips and not on voluminous separate paper sheets, with unreadable handwriting —thus, we can make better and timely decisions given the organized data we have.

How has Tap Report helped with staffing oversight i.e. identifying training needs, disciplinary action, opportunities for recognition, conversations with staff etc.? 
Tap Report has opened conversation dialogue with staff on how to attend to matters faster. Staff like that they can see clearly, in an organized manner, everything that they do and check daily. They also like the usability of the product, allowing them to easily input information and access it when needed.

Do you review inspection results with staff? Have these insights improved inspection results? 
Yes, we've improved the inspection questions in the TAP tags, as per staffs' suggestions. Tap Report has organized their inspections and helped them not to miss key areas. They've shown enthusiasm in seeing the reports, inputting notes/photos, and how organized everything is. What seemed to be a complicated inspection mess before, is now an organized workflow with Tap Report.

What do you like most about Tap Report? 
Timely data and reporting, with notes and photos — this results in faster action to fix problems, and quicker, more accurate decision making. I like that report and data input are done electronically and not thru paper, thus description and historical data of each item are readily accessible digitally.

What do your staff like most about Tap Report? 
  • Easily perform inspections with the ability to add notes and photos on the Tap Report scanners or personal cell phone
  • Elimination of paper logs
  • Handy, timely and organized historical data that we all value