A Spotlight on Fire Rated Door Inspections

Fire door assemblies are an important feature of a building's passive fire protection system since they are designed to compartmentalize the structure and prevent smoke, flames, and hazardous gases from spreading. Components of the assembly need to be maintained, adjusted, repaired, and replaced over time — this is why routine inspections of fire doors are critically important to verify that they will perform as intended when needed.

The Ontario Fire Code states that fire doors require at minimum, monthly inspections, in addition to an annual inspection performed by a qualified professional. Both sides of the door should be inspected for:

  • Signage properly and securely affixed

  • Clarity and visibility of labels

  • Holes or breaks in the door and/or door frame

  • Glazing, glass kit and glass beads are intact and securely fastened

  • The door, door frame, hinges and hardware are in good working condition and secure

  • There are no missing or broken parts

  • Door clearances are within allowable limits

  • The door closer and spring hinges are operational and the door is self-closing

  • If a coordinator is installed, the inactive leaf closes before the active leaf

  • Latching hardware operates and secures the door when it is in the closed position

  • Auxiliary hardware items that interfere/prohibit operation are not installed on the door/frame

  • There have been no field modifications performed that void the label

Digital inspection tools can be a lifesaver: here's how they can help you keep your fire-rated doors in good working order for when you need them the most 

Using maps and pins, digital inspection tools help inspectors locate the fire-rated doors around your facility, including those in hard-to-find areas. They also provide a real-time overview of inspection statuses, keeping you/your team up-to-date on inspections that are near-due, due, or overdue.

If any deficiencies or issues are found, the inspector may take photos and make notes, and the right personnel are alerted right away, allowing for speedy remediation which is especially useful if any of your fire-rated doors are damaged or missing components. 

Documented inspection records of fire-rated doors is an area that many people fall short on. Digital inspection tools make the record-keeping process of inspections seamless - even for fire-rated doors. 

Fire doors are essential for passive fire defence systems to work. They safeguard people and properties by restricting the spread of fire as well as smoke and hazardous gasses. Digital inspection tools can help maintain proper functioning and working order of your fire-rated doors, ensuring a safe environment for your most valuable assets—your occupants.

For more information on how digital inspection tools can enhance your fire-rated door inspections, contact us at customerservice@tapreport.io for more details.

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