Sprinkler Valve Inspections

Sprinkler valves are an important part of a fire protection system that controls the pressure and flow rate of the water supply.

You want to make sure that your sprinkler valves are in good working order because you never know when a fire will occur and water will be needed to ensure that the fire does not spread any further. Regular inspections can help maintain your sprinkler valve systems, identify any deficiencies and ensure they are functional.

Here are some things you should look for during your sprinkler valve inspections:

  • Water pressure - document in PSI or kPA. You want to make sure that the sprinkler valves have sufficient pressure to reach and extinguish a fire if required. 
  • Position of the valves – are they positioned in normal open/closed state? 
  • Accessibility - are the valves easily accessible? Are there any obstructions near the valves? 
  • Condition - are the valves in good condition? Is there any physical damage present? 
  • Leaks - are there any external or internal water leaks? 
  • Labels - are the valves labeled properly? Do you know which valves are located where and what systems/areas they control? 
  • Are the valves sealed, locked or supervised correctly? 

To ensure your sprinkler valves are operational, complete visual inspections regularly. Be sure to document and store your inspection records in an organized manner that is easily accessible.