Leveraging annual campaigns to build a stronger safety culture

This week marks both the North American Occupational Safety & Health Week AND Emergency Preparedness Week. These campaigns, recognized annually, are meant to raise awareness about the continued prevalence of workplace hazards resulting in injury, illnesses or death. 

They also serve as a reminder that creating a safety culture in your workplace is not a one-and-done activity – it’s reinforced each and every day through prioritization of routine inspections, rectification of any hazards or deficiencies found in a timely manner, continuous learning and recognition of those who are doing a good job. 

Due diligence is a best practice for a reason and you can never be too prepared. It’s proven that routine workplace inspections mitigate risk, reduce injury and ensure you’re prepared when an emergency strikes. 

To support your safety conversations with your teams this week, we’ve rounded up some helpful resources for you: