Tips n Tricks for First Aid Kit Inspections

Industry experts shared their tips n tricks for first aid kit inspections. Check out their 8 best practices in this infographic. 

In the event of an accident, it’s critical that first responders are equipped with the resources they need in order to prevent further injury. Maintaining preparedness is key as emergencies can strike at any time. To maintain preparedness, you need to check and re-stock your first aid kit regularly. 

Digital inspection tools can be a life saver: here’s how they can help you maintain preparedness of first aid kits 

Digital inspection tools provide assistance in locating first aid kits throughout your facility — even those hard-to-find locations — using maps and pins to ensure that none are overlooked. They also provide a real-time overview of inspection statuses, keeping you informed on inspections that are near-due, due or overdue, alerting of any remaining inspections. 

The system allows for a variety of information to be tracked for each first aid kit including location, contents list, expiry dates and services dates. 

Checklists also provide inspectors with assistance on the contents that should be contained in the first aid kit to ensure they’re fully stocked. 

If any deficiencies or issues are found, the inspector can include photos and notes, and the right personnel are notified immediately, enabling speedy resolution which is particularly helpful in the occurrence that supplies are low or missing from the kit. 

Digital inspection tools considerably improve the inspection and documentation process of your first aid kits and provide many additional benefits that pen and paper cannot. 

It’s critical that first aid kits are easily accessible and have the contents you need when you spring into action at a moment’s notice. Staying on top of your routine inspections will help ensure they’re always ready for use. 

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