A Spotlight on Tap Report Use in Nuclear

"Everyone likes Tap Report from the top-down" - Darryll Styles, Ontario Power Generation, Fire Protection.  How has Tap Report helped streamline inspections in the field? We have used Tap Report for Ignition Source permits, Combustible Material inspections, and Fire Extinguisher inspections; we're currently adding other areas to the platform as well. The Tap Report system has helped us keep better records on the inspections we complete for code compliance. It's also easy to view the history of inspections and upcoming checks such as when extinguishers need to be hydrostatic checked, annual check, etc. Describe the process for creating a list of findings and photos before and after joining Tap Report. The CMS process before Tap Report was very manual. We would go into the field, take pictures, then download the pictures. After download, we would add the pictures to a special excel sheet which would include manual entry of additional notes and send to all parties.

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