A Spotlight on Tap Report Use in Commercial Real Estate

What’s your name and position?

John M, Senior Building Operator at Epic Investment Services.

How has Tap Report helped you manage your inspections?

Tap Report helps us keep track of when inspections are due, reducing the likelihood of any being missed. If any are missed, Tap Report lets us know so we can attend to the inspection point immediately, which is extremely helpful.

What benefits have you experienced from Tap Report?

The ability to write a note and attach a photo on deficient inspection point. This level of detail provides clarity on what the issue is, helping our team to resolve it quickly and efficiently. 

What feature has saved you the most time?

The ability to complete an inspection with the option of taking a picture — as the saying goes ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. This not only saves time, it also makes the situation very clear to everyone involved, eliminating any misalignment or confusion.  

What do you like most about Tap Report?

The friendly customer service and ease of use. It’s very easy to navigate and onboard new team members.