Empowering the inspector and manager through technology

Performing routine inspections using digital solutions provides many benefits. There are also many unique benefits based on one’s role in the inspection process. Let’s take a look at the benefits for two very important roles – the inspector and the manager. 

Benefits to the inspector

  • Confirmation that they are inspecting the right item – it’s easy to mistake the southeast corner for the southwest corner for example. Digital inspection solutions eliminate any confusion and ensure you’re inspecting the right item.

  • Ability to see maps and remaining locations to ensure that no inspection points are missed and making them easily accessible. 

  • On-the-spot guidance is available to assist inspectors so they know what to inspect, increasing the accuracy of reporting.

  • Inspection questions and asset information are tailored to each inspection point; this helps ensure inspectors are capturing the right level of information.

  • Easy input of values such as temperatures, pressure levels, etc., again, helping to ensure that the right information is easily captured. 

  • If deficiencies are found, inspectors can select from pre-populated deficiency reasons, making it quick and easy to capture the right information.

  • Ability to include detailed notes and pictures, increasing the specificity captured within the documentation.

Benefits to the manager

  • Confidence in knowing that each inspection point was visited – inspectors are not able to mistakenly or falsely sign off on inspections that aren’t completed. Inspectors must physically visit each location and scan the microchip so managers can feel confident that the inspection points were actually inspected.

  • Ability to see inspection details including the time the inspection was completed, who performed the inspection and the status of each inspection point.

  • Ability to see a property overview outlining inspections that are late, missed or require attention so that manager’s can keep a pulse on their facility. 

  • Automatic workflow and notification of deficiencies so that all the right stakeholders are looped in automatically, eliminating post-inspection work such as review and follow up.

  • Dashboard with analytics (i.e., peak months for incidents, trends in malfunctions, etc.), helping to identify trends, areas for improvement and enabling future forecasting. 

  • Accurate and organized inspection records that are easily accessible and stored per record retention. 

For more on how Tap Report can provide benefits to your inspectors and managers, contact us at customerservice@tapreport.io