A Spotlight on Tap Report Use in Nuclear

What’s your name and position?

Brenda Trynor, Fire Testing Team, Extinguisher Inspector at NB Power

How has Tap Report helped you manage your fire safety inspections?

I have a large portfolio of fire extinguisher inspections that need to be inspected on a monthly basis. These inspections span across a sizeable nuclear facility. Tap Report helps me stay on top of my inspections, ensuring that I do not miss any of them which is critical from a legislative perspective, from a life safety perspective and from an operations perspective.

Tap Report is really easy to use and saves me time.

What benefits have you experienced from Tap Report?

The ease of use, the flexibility to use Tap Report in the field on my mobile device and on my computer, and the ability to work offline if needed.

Tap Report also provides tailored information for each inspection point; this has been extremely beneficial for tracking manufacturer information such as service dates. This level of information, the alerts and the ability to future forecast at a glance, enables me to plan ahead and ensure that I have the right extinguishers available when I need them.

What do you like most about Tap Report?

Our relationship. The staff are really responsive and make themselves readily available if we need anything – they’re a trusted partner. The team really is amazing to work with and I always leave our interactions feeling supported. I look forward to our continued partnership.