A Spotlight on Tap Report Use in Commercial Real Estate Property Management

Provide a description of yourself and your company. 
I'm a Supervisor of Operations at Southcore Financial Centre overseeing two office buildings downtown Toronto.

What do you use Tap Report for? 
We use Tap Report to inspect and log all mechanical equipment daily in both buildings. 

As a manager of multiple properties what do you find most valuable about Tap Report? 
The Tap Report system has made it easy to organize the logging systems for both buildings here at Southcore Financial Centre. I can now keep an eye on our equipment easily and be notified if any equipment has not been logged or has malfunctioned. 

What do you think has improved the most with using Tap Report? 
How quickly I receive information on malfunctioning equipment. Tap Report speeds up the flow of information through instantaneous notifications and workflow to responsible individuals. 

How has Tap Report streamlined the inspections of your buildings? 
Tap Report has made it easy for me as a supervisor to track and see if our mechanical equipment has been logged and if the inspections were completed on time.