A Spotlight on Tap Report Use in Commercial Real Estate Property Management

"The level of reporting has increased"

Provide a description of yourself and your company. 
My name is Christian Carter and I am the Manager of Security and Life Safety for First Gulf - King St East Portfolio. 

What do you use Tap Report for?
We use two Tap Report applications for security staff across the King St East Portfolio - one is the Tap Report for Workplace Inspections and the other is the Tap Report Incident Management System.

As a manager, what do you find most valuable about Tap Report?
Accurate, clear and concise reporting in a software framework that is relatively easy for security staff to learn and use.

What do your staff like most about using Tap Report?
Ease of use has been the primary response from security staff with respect to using the Tap Report applications we use.

What do you think has improved most with using Tap Report?
The level of reporting has increased. Guard activity is monitored while performing compliance based audits and inspections, be it for Health and Safety or Life Safety purposes.

How has Tap Report streamlined your property?
It has streamlined reporting. There is a single framework to review reports for Workplace Inspections and for Incident Management. As the portfolio increases with other buildings/properties, having a standardized inspection, audit, compliance and reporting system allows for synchronized training across the portfolio. It facilitates easier management across the portfolio as it pertains to security reporting overall.