Operations Management Case Study

We sat down with Linda Ahara the Regional Director of Operations for Crothall Services (Compass Group) to understand how Tap Report has improved inspections in a hospital setting.

Provide a description of yourself and your company. 
We are using Tap Report at a 300 bed Acute care hospital on Vancouver Island. 

What do you use Tap Report for? 
We use Tap Report for daily monitoring of isolation and regular patient/washroom cleaning. 

How has Tap Report helped you maintain your facilities?
Tap Report has helped us to shift to a paperless system to supply reports and monitor workload. 

As a manager, what do you find most valuable about Tap Report? 
I find the alerts for cleaning and reporting to client scheduling compliance the most valuable resource. 

What do your staff like most about using Tap Report? 
I like that Tap Report is easy to use and requires minimal training. 

What do you think has improved the most with using Tap Report? 
Our staff compliance and accountability has improved immensely as well as assisting with our workload management.