Custodian Management Case Study

Provide a description of yourself and your company. Jamie Swartz, Custodian Lead at Gordon Food Service. Gordon Food Service is a foodservice distributor with large facilities across Canada and the United States. 

What do you use Tap Report for? We use Tap Report for fire extinguisher inspections, sanitation inspections, refrigeration inspections, and heath and safety inspections at our facilities. 

How has Tap Report helped you maintain your facilities? Tap Report has helped us by making sure the required inspections are completed, reducing our risks and ensuring compliance.  

As a manager, what do you find most valuable about Tap Report? Making sure the inspections are completed on time is the most valuable aspect of Tap Report in my opinion. It ensures compliance, mitigating our risks.  

What do you think has improved the most with using Tap Report? Accountability for inspections being completed has improved greatly through the use of Tap Report at our facilities.