Facility Management Case Study

We sat down with J.M., a Fire Marshal at a Toronto hospital to get his opinion on Tap Report. The security staff at this hospital have being using Tap Report's workplace inspection app for over a year now as a tool to complete monthly inspections of fire equipment.

What does Tap Report mean to you? Tap Report is a user friendly, robust tool, designed by building safety experts for facility safety managers. It reassures me that certain systems are operational and allows me to spend my time being more productive ensuring the other layers of defense are in place‎.

What is one word you would use to describe Tap Report? Essential.

Would you recommend Tap Report to others? Without hesitation. I say that with over 30 years experience in fire safety, having implemented a more expensive system elsewhere and also having seen many other systems come and go simply because they were not user friendly or did not serve the purpose they intended to. Tap Report is simple, intuitive, visual and robust.

How would you feel if Tap Report was taken away? I would feel like we were taking a real step backwards and I wouldn’t be as confident that the systems currently monitored by Tap Report are operating as they should be.

You are already using Tap Report for your routine inspections of fire equipment. What other uses do you think Tap Report would be well suited for? I think Tap Report can also be used for inventory. We are in the process of adding Tap Report Smart Tags to all small electrical appliances so that it is easy to track if they have been approved by facility management and will receive automatic reminders to ensure all appliances are checked every year. As noted by the NFPA, 58% of fires in healthcare are caused by cooking equipment including toasters, kettles and microwave ovens. Tap Report lends itself readily to mitigate this threat in our facility. There is added value in that it helps us reduce our peak electrical demand by monitoring it rather than eliminating its usage. We are already a Tap Report user and had exhausted our search options to find a suitable tracking system before realizing that we already have the solution in our hands – it’s Tap Report.