Toronto Tech Startup Revolutionizing the Life Safety Industry One Tap at a Time

There’s a new startup on the block, disrupting and changing the way life safety related inspections are performed. Regular inspections of equipment such as fire extinguishers, first aid kits, emergency exits etc. are required under various codes and legislations governing commercial buildings. Most companies meet these requirements by completing the inspections manually. This involves inspectors, signing a paper tag for each piece of equipment and sorting through their checklists to document that an inspection was completed. This manual inspection method wastes valuable resources, especially time and money. It is also prone to human error, which can result in damage to the company’s brand and reputation, leaving it liable in the event of an incident.
Tap Report has come on scene to solve this problem. The company uses modern near-field communication (NFC) technology to move inspections from archaic pen and paper recordkeeping to automatic and instantaneous reporting. Each piece of equipment has a NFC enabled tag affixed to it, called a Smart Tag. Using the Tap Report app, equipment inspections are completed by tapping the scanner to the tag and reporting with three simple options: missing, requires service or all in order. The app allows for an overview of the property status and automatically sends out deficiency alerts to the appropriate personnel, reducing review time and reporting inaccuracies. The app also generates powerful analytics and historical analysis, making budget forecasting and the identification of trends seamless.
According to company’s spokesperson Paul Amendola, “The documenting and post inspection review will continue to become more and more efficient so that employees’ time can be spent on revenue generating tasks and other assignments deemed important. The life safety industry will go through immense change with technological advances over the next 10 years.”

This article appeared on ABNEWSWIRETap Report is an app that digitizes workplace inspections (i.e. fire equipment, washroom, first aid etc.) and automates the reporting process.