Service Provider Case Study

We sat down with Steve Buck, owner of High Tech Fire & Safety to hear what he had to say about using Tap Report's workplace inspection app to service their clients.

Steve, why do your clients hire you to complete inspections?
Our clients hire High Tech Fire & Safety to complete regulatory inspections on their behalf; specifically, we service inspections mandated by the provincial Fire Code which include monthly inspections of fire extinguishers and fire hose cabinets. 

Walk us through your inspection process before using Tap Report.
Before Tap Report, we used the manual pen and paper inspection method. We would inspect the fire equipment monthly, initial the paper tag attached to each piece of equipment, mark off on our checklist that we inspected the equipment, make note of any deficiencies on the checklist and submit the paperwork to our office for manual input into Excel. The office would sort through the paperwork and identify/tally up deficiencies and equipment requiring service and prepare the quotes for our clients. 

What challenges did the pen and paper inspection method pose?
The manual pen and paper inspection method got the job done but there were a lot of inefficiencies and wasted time. It was difficult finding the deficiencies noted on the checklists and time was wasted during the manual input of inspection results in order to create quotes for deficiencies and service. 

What do you use Tap Report for?
High Tech Fire & Safety uses Tap Report to assist in the completion of regulatory inspections of fire equipment including fire extinguishers and fire hose cabinets for our clients. We use it as a way to automate our inspections so that we no longer need to complete any paperwork associated with the inspection. All reporting is done electronically. 

Tell us about your experience with Tap Report. 
High Tech Fire & Safety started using Tap Report about two years ago. It was very easy to implement; little training was required as the system is extremely intuitive. Tap Report streamlined the entire reporting process for us, eliminating the need for manual input of paperwork. Equipment with deficiencies and service required are automatically emailed to me so the office can prepare quotes quickly for our clients without having to search through piles of paper. This has created a quicker turnaround time for our clients and has increased our level of customer service and overall competitiveness in the industry. 

Tap Report also allows you to input asset information, including notes so it is easy to search for service dates; it even provides reminders for service dates so it is very easy to schedule our staff appropriately. This also helps our clients with their budget forecasting and ensures we are on the same page in terms of work required. 

Overall, we at High Tech Fire & Safety think the Tap Report system is very robust and can be used for pretty much anything that requires a routine inspection. We look forward to our continued partnership with Tap Report as we look to expand its uses beyond fire extinguishers and fire hose cabinets. 


Written by Paul Amendola, from Tap Report. Tap Report is an app that digitizes workplace inspections (i.e. fire equipment, washroom, first aid etc.) and automates the reporting process.