A Spotlight on Tap Report Use in Commercial Real Estate Property Management

Jonathan Romos, Operations Manager for Kevric Real Estate Corporation, oversees 1.2 million square feet of Class A office buildings and indoor parking facilities. We met up with him to ask for his insights on Tap Report's use in Commercial Property Real Estate.

What do you use Tap Report for?
We are using Tap Report for several applications such as security patrols, cleaning inspections, joint-health & safety committee (JHSC) inspections, mechanical equipment logs, chemical tests, sustainability readings, parking lot inspections, incident reports and fire watch.

As a manager, what do you find most valuable about Tap Report?
The product allows us to keep track of all the moving parts in the building and provide a centralized platform with 7 years history. It is the easiest way to move to paperless inspections and ensure that the inspections are completed on time.

What do your staff like most about using Tap Report?
The simplicity is the most valuable quality of the app. The customized reports that were developed with Tap Report's team became the first topic on our weekly operations meetings. The immediate notification on "Attention Required" locations allow us to be more proactive. Our staff like it so much that we are exploring other ways to integrate and incorporate Tap Report into our existing systems. 

What do you think has improved the most with using Tap Report?
Accountability and team work. Employees get more responsible on their routines and feel more concerned about the well being of the entire property. We all work as a team trying to make the building a better place. Operators report cleaning issues, cleaners report burnt lights, security reports unauthorized parking, etc.

How has Tap Report increased your compliance with inspections?
With the dynamic questions, we make sure that all the areas and equipment are inspected at accurate frequencies and according to our company standards. Also, we have proof for our tenants regarding the due diligence on all aspects of the property. This system is also amazing for fire watch when the Fire Department requests proof of them, we have that information readily available.