A Spotlight on Tap Report Use in Commercial Real Estate Property Management

We sat down with Michael Goss, Oxford Properties Security Site Supervisor to understand how Tap Report has improved inspections in a commercial property management/real estate setting. 

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Security Site Supervisor for Oxford Properties, a commercial property management firm.

What do you use Tap Report for?

Security Patrols and First Aid Checks

As a manager, what do you find most valuable about Tap Report?

The ability to audit the security staff in the morning to ensure all the patrols are completed. A month ago, we had a complaint put forward by a tenant that a mechanic room wasn't checked properly. We are now able to see it was checked three times in the last twelve hours using Tap Report.

What do your staff like most about using Tap Report?

The ability to audit and quantify their patrols/hard work

What do you think has improved the most with using Tap Report for inspections?

The increase of patrols and audits. More findings are being reported due to less missed inspections.

How has Tap Report increased your compliance with inspections?

The automatic e-mails are a good gut check to ensure the first aid stations and daily patrols are being completed.

How has Tap Report improved your service to tenants?

We've approached tenants who request security checks on doors, gates, workstations after business hours. We have installed a Smart Tag and are able to provide an audit to our tenants indicating exactly when a guard inspected their area. The tenants are appreciative of this updated service.