Residential Property Management Case Study

We sat down with Dean McCabe, President and Founder of The Meritus Group, a condominium management firm, to get his perspective on the use of Tap Report's workplace inspection app in the residential property management industry.

What do you use Tap Report for?
At The Meritus Group, we use Tap Report to demonstrate to our clients our commitment to perform at contracted levels. Condominium board members expect a review of their property and we believe that Tap Report not only allows us to review and document site conditions efficiently but it also allows us to prove to board members how and when that site inspection was performed.

In your opinion, how does the use of Tap Report in residential properties differ from commercial properties?

The essential service is the same regardless of the type of property. Commercial properties may use it more to document maintenance work and schedule inspections on specific equipment where as in condominium management the product is a record keeping function not only for equipment monitoring but also for contract performance by offsite management.

Are there any particular advantages, disadvantages, challenges or unique issues for use of Tap Report in a residential building?
The single biggest advantage of using Tap Report in residential buildings is the ability to allow for passive monitoring of maintenance personnel. Management receives notifications of scheduled inspections that do not get completed on time.

What do you like about Tap Report?
I like that it holds management and staff accountable to volunteer directors in the residential condominium marketplace. I also like that inspection reports, including photographs, are produced in seconds without having to be recreated by office staff. Efficiency and accountability - these are the very things that The Meritus Group was formed to deliver.

What do the condo boards think of Tap Report?
Every board that we service has seen the Tap Report inspections in their monthly management reports and the feedback has been very positive. They love the accountability and question how often in the past the managers were walking around the property looking for maintenance issues and thinking of ways to improve service and value.

Why have you taken the time to champion and promote Tap Report?
We believe that condo boards want higher service levels and we want to provide them with that- and we’re not afraid to prove that we are setting the bar higher.

Why is it important for you to explore innovative solutions?
By using technology that makes us more efficient, we allow service levels to evolve and be set to a higher standard. If we were still using massive paper journals to do double-entry bookkeeping, we would not have been able to increase service levels to clients because there are only so many hours in a day.

Written by Paul Amendola, from Tap Report. Tap Report is an app that digitizes workplace inspections (i.e. fire equipment, washroom, first aid etc.) and automates the reporting process.